The Royal Thai Army Nursing College



>   Effect of warm compression on anterior abdominal wall to reduce Labor pain and duration of      active phase of labor among primiparous mothers >   The Evaluation of Pregnancy Model and VCD of...


Missions :

​To prepare nurses at baccalaureate level To educate and train nurses, practical nurses, and other health-related personnel To render health care services to the community To develop and conduct research in nursing and in...


The Curriculum :

The Curriculum      |     Education Devision     |     Department The Baccalaureate curriculum requires four years of study. It is built on liberal education courses and professional courses. Students begin their study with pre-nursing...



Nursing students who are qualified for the Bachelor of Nursing Science Degree (BNS) must have fulfilled the following: Accumulative GPA must not be less than 2.00 Passing grate C in all Nursing Courses Conduction...


General Information :

     The Royal Thai Army Nursing College is the only nursing college that prepares nurses for the Royal Thai Army in Thailand. The College is affiliated with the Faculty of Nursing, Mahidol University,...

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College Facilities :

Classroom and seminar rooms Nursing Laboratory room Library (E-Library) Computer and Internet center Dormitory/Fitness center